Personal Injury

When you suffer Personal Injury because someone else was negligent, it can cause all kinds of problems for you and your family. If you are unable to work, you will have financial problems. If you are killed, your family will have many issues, including losing you and your companionship. Personal Injury law exists to help offset this dilemma. At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz, we help injured victims gain fair compensation and justice.

Law Office of Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz

All too often, people get hurt in accidents that result from negligent behavior. At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz, we help people find justice when a Personal Injury accident disrupts their lives. When someone suffers a wrongful death in such an accident, we help their survivors win expense and loss claims.

Some typical Personal Injury claims include:

  • Medical care – Doctors, nurses, dentists, anesthesiology, surgery, psychological treatment and long-term care, nursing homes
  • Equipment – Special equipment, rehabilitation expenses, transportation
  • Income losses – Disability – temporary or permanent, retraining
  • Product Defect – Failure to perform, design or production errors
  • Wrongful Death – Funeral and Burial expenses, loss of companionship or guardianship

Attorney Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz

A graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa – William S. Richardson School of Law, Attorney Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz has helped hundreds of clients since 1991. He has been licensed to practice law in Washington since 2000, and welcomes new clients to his law office in Cosmopolis, WA. His legal client services include Business Law and Real Estate, in addition to Personal Injury Law. He offers a free consultation, treats all people with respect, and he is prompt at returning calls.

Washington Personal Injury Law Attorney

Being injured causes many problems in addition to pain and suffering. A related loss of income can be severe, leading to bankruptcy or even divorce in some situations. Getting justice is the best way to overcome these potential problems. Our Washington Personal Injury Law Attorney, Jeffrey A. Damasiewicz, has helped clients win Personal Injury cases and recover fair compensation when negligent behavior was tracked to an individual or a company.

Vehicle accidents can happen because of a momentary lapse of attention while another driver is not paying attention to the road ahead or following driving laws. A parts or equipment failure can occur, causing a fatal accident even when there is no other driver involved. If a part has faulty design or production, it can fail, as has recently been seen in airbag deaths, or fatal accidents caused by tire blowouts or vehicle rollovers.

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